In August 2014 before the election, I wrote the following Platform Issue…it did not change throughout the Campaign!

2014…Put more fun into Union!
Currently, the City Of Union places a lot of emphasis on community social activities…theatre, children events, breakfasts, and so on. These activities should be continued with more emphasis on “fun” and communicated more effectively to residents. Additionally, the City Of Union could work with the HOAs to develop and conduct cooperative events…a cooperative effort could help to build greater event awareness and build greater event enthusiasm, because cooperative events would be closer to each individual community.

In addition to events designed specifically toward Union residents, larger event activities, like outdoor concerts, could be developed designed to attract, in addition to Union residents, Northern Kentucky and even Cincinnati residents to show and display that Union is a unique and very special City!

It is now 2018, here is where stand on this Issue…

2018 Status… Put More Fun Into Union!
We decided to focus on three major annual events…Easter Egg Hunt, Union Celebrates America, and Breakfast With Santa…but, make them bigger-and-better to entice larger crowds. I have to say that we have been very successful on this front as a result of Melissa Hinkle and her team of staff and volunteers.  If you attended the 2018 and/or the 2017 Union Celebrates America events, you already know what I am talking about!

One other issue important to this Platform, the City sold the Old Firehouse that was used as a Community Center.  When we found out that the inside of this building was not within code to operate as a community center, we  immediately stopped usage of the building for such purposes.   As a result, we moved to rent out the Old Firehouse as garage space to those who wanted to store vehicles and the downstairs kitchen area to a small church. The income from these rentals covered the City’s $2,400 monthly loan payment so the operation essentially broke even on expenses.  As operating and maintenance costs kept increasing and more staff time was being spent managing the facility, the city decided to sell it in 2017. 

Now that the building is sold this year’s Easter Egg Hunt was held at United Presbyterian Church, and Union Celebrates America was held outside the old Firehouse building. Breakfast with Santa for the past two years have been held at the new Union Firehouse.  Interestingly after moving the Santa Breakfast to the new Firehouse, attendance quadrupled.