In August 2014 before the election, I wrote the following Platform Issue…it never changed throughout the Campaign!

2014…Pursue Construction Funding Route 536/Mt. Zion Road.
Over the next six years and beyond, Union City population could reach 10,000…up from Union’s current 5,600+/- residents. The Planning Commission has a Town Plan to build a new city. However, that new Town cannot be built until Route 536/Mt. Zion Road from I75 to the new downtown is completed or at least started. Currently, about half the 237 properties are purchased by the State…this is a slow process but is moving forward.

The problem is that building this road is not guaranteed to be on the 2017-2018 Commonwealth Budget, according to State Senator John Shickel.  If the building of the road gets onto the 2017-2018 Budget, then construction activity should start in 2017 and true building in 2018. If it does not get onto this Budget, then building will not start until 2020 or later!  The point is that the new Union Town (as described by one resident) is a fantasy until we see the road being built.

I believe that the City Of Union needs to focus on doing whatever it takes to get that road built as soon as possible. Once building begins, then the City Commission can seriously look at building a new Town. First platform issue is to get the darn road built!

It is now 2018, here is where we stand on this issue…

2018 Status…Building The New Mt. Zion Road.
Governor Bevin took building the new Mt. Zion Road off the 2017-2018 Transportation Budget pushing it back to their 2020-2021 Transportation Budget…citing other roads had greater priority.  It took a lot of work and cooperation between city, county and state government representatives to get this road project back onto the State’s 2017-2018 Transportation Budget.

The champion and team leader to fight the Governor’s decision was State Senator John Schickel. In addition to Senator Schickel, our team consisted of myself, Judge Gary Moore, State Representative Sal Santoro, County Commissioner Cathy Flaig, County Administrator Jeff Earlywine, Boone County Planning Committee Director Kevin Costello.  We met with Governor Bevin and presented our case that the road was necessary to effectively move traffic across our part of the county.  Through these efforts, this project was put back into the 2017-2018 State Budget and (as said in the original platform) the darn road is now being built!