In August 2014 before the election, I wrote the following Platform Issue…it did not change throughout the Campaign!

2014…The New Kroger Store Issue…my position.
City growth is not going to wait for the new Route 536/Mt. Zion Road to be completed and the City Commission to build a new Town. It is going to happen…whether it is planned or not. This is evident by Kroger wanting to build their new store. The previous City Commission voted 3-2 for Kroger to build, and a group of residents promptly sued. If they have their way, zoning would revert back to residential…which would include homes or apartments. If zoning has to revert back to residential, the land owner (Arlinghaus) would most likely be selling that land for residential development. The land owner informed me that it is possible the land would most likely be sold for apartments. If sold for apartments, there would obviously be an influx of transient apartment renters populating that section of Route 42…those having less an interest in Union growth and planning. Moreover, any apartment building would add more customers to a small Kroger already over-crowded.

If I had my choice between building apartments on the land where the new Kroger is planned to be built and building the new Kroger…I choose building the new Kroger.

It is now 2018, here is where we stand on this Issue…

2018 Status… New Kroger Store.
The new store has been open for over a year, and we all love it!  Additionally, Kroger opened Kitchen 1883 restaurant…the first of its kind right here in Union…we all love it too.  During the 2014 election, I always held the position that the new Kroger needed to be built.

In addition to Kroger coming in since our administration started, Storypoint, an upscale retirement community, located between the new Kroger store and Arbor Springs broke ground this past April 2018. This upscale retirement community provides a nice transition between the Kroger retail store to the Arbor Springs residential community.