On behalf of myself and our Commissioners, I want to thank the City of Union residents.  We were provided the luxury of running unopposed and received a strong number of votes cast. I am providing them below.  The Commissioners and I had a gentleman’s bet as to who would achieve the greatest number of votes…I will not divulge the bet but the one with the greatest number of votes buys.  Thanks to your strong support, I am prepared to now buy that first round…oops, too much information.

We have great Commissioners and a great staff (David Plummer, Melissa Hinkle, Donna Wahoff, and Christy Everman) to continue to serve City residents for our next term. We are now on track and ready to serve for the next two years for Commissioners, and for the next four years for myself.

Mayor Larry.


City of Union MAYOR

Larry King Solomon…1,852…100%.


John J. Mefford…1,522…26%.

Jeremy M. Ramage…1,489…25%.

Eric Dulaney…1,457…25%.

Bryan H. Miller….1,447…24%.