In August 2014 before the election, I wrote the following Platform Issue…it did not change throughout the Campaign!

2014…Find more and better ways to work with Boone County, Florence, and Walton.
I believe we should use Boone County, Florence and Walton as resources to find new and innovative ways to work with them…when it is fiscally advantageous for the City Of Union to work with them. We should be open to do business with our neighbors!

Some may say that doing business with our neighbors will give up our unique identity of being Union! I say if we can make better business deals by cooperating and working with our neighbors we should do so. However in the same breath, we should never give up our uniqueness…because we are Union! Point is…we should always cooperate with our neighbors and do business when it financially advantageous for the City of Union.

It is now 2018, here is where we stand on this Issue…

2018 Status… Working With Our City and County Elected Official Neighbors.
Right after being elected in 2015, I met Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore, and recommended to the Judge that he and the three Boone County city Mayors meet quarterly to work together. He talked to the other Mayors, and we now have been meeting (with our Administrators) every quarter for almost four years now!

The greatest accomplishment coming out of building a strong relationship with our local government neighbors has been a new quantitative “city share funding formula” for the Boone County Planning Commission (BCPC).   In the past, BCPC would meet individually with each City entity and inform them what their recommended annual funding should be to this support function. Each city (Florence, Union, Walton) never really knew nor understood how BCPC came up with their requested amounts; thereby, frustrating our City Commissioners.  We worked for over a year to change that practice. The way it works now is that BCPC presents their entire requested annual budget amount…one overall number…to our Spring City/County quarterly meeting.  That overall dollar amount number is run through the funding formula (based on each entity’s current population), and each entity knows their fair share.  The system works great with no hassle nor debate.