On November 8 2022…

City of Union Voters

Re-Elected Me

For One More Term

To Finish The Job…Right.

Thank You Union!!

Thank you Union for all your support! I am proud to serve as your Mayor as we take the City of Union into the next four years. 

We had a great solid win with 72% of Union voters voting for me.  I truly appreciate all the support I received and all your votes.  I will work hard to keep Union the unique place that we all call home. We have many great things coming our way! 

This website will stay up until just before February 23 2023 as it was before election day for any information Union residents may desire.  For further information about the city, please visit www.cityofunionky.org to keep up to date with city news, events, and developments. 

Again, I truly thank all Union voters for their trust in me to carry out the vision I laid out during the campaign for our future.  And, I look forward to the next four years to execute the stated vision for Union.


Fiscally Responsible

Business Minded

Strategic Planner

Community Supporter

Family Oriented

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Who I Am

I am Larry Solomon, affectionately known as Mayor Larry.  I have successfully served as your Mayor for eight years now.


The key to being successful as your Mayor is to have a…Solid vision for growth, Good common sense, Listen and serve Union residents and, most importantly, Make solid business decisions.


I am a Conservative.  I am Businessman.  More importantly, I am a Conservative Businessman!  Taking care of city business is that…running the city as a business, with responsible management and solid long-term planning.

When you look at my background (under the Family and Qualifications section of this website), you will see I am uniquely qualified to lead this city into the future.  I hold two Master Degrees…one in Business and one in Public Administration; worked 30 years in Marketing Research at Ashland/Valvoline, Procter & Gamble, and Kimberly Clark, as well as 7 years for the State of Ohio…a solid mixture of Business and Public Sector service.


I am running on my record of doing great things for the City of Union…keeping the ideals of Union top-of-mind, and creating a place our children will want to raise their families.


When we took office, Union was a bedroom community.  I saw the vision that growth was coming…and, we had to be ready for it…by running the city as a larger city.  We are now that larger city, and being a conservative businessman has paid off as your city leader!


We are in the process of building a great city.  Current projects going on include:  1) The Promenade Center with a new Children’s Hospital location being a center-piece of that development.  2) The Grammas Center, which brings more new business opportunities to our city.  3) The Graeter’s/Braxton Center, bringing Graeter’s and Braxton back to Union.


Other Projects Include…The Union Pointe Center, across from Ryle High School.  And, a project to be named on the corner of Mt. Zion Road and U.S. Route 42.

And, most importantly, the new Town Center which is now in the concept phase.  The new Town Center will create a new “gathering place” that our community has wanted for years!


Lastly and this is extremely important…I want to remind you to go out and vote on November 8!  This is an important election coming up…so please vote!  And when you do, I would greatly appreciate you vote for me, Mayor Larry Solomon, to continue our great work in Union.

Managing Growth…
Union’s Biggest Challenges 2023-2027.

“We can manage city growth or it can manage us!!”  Over the past eight years of this administration under my leadership has chosen the to strategically managed growth…and that is what we will continue to do over the next four years under my leadership!”

State of the Union Update

Oct 27, 2022

Hello Union Residents…

In June of this year, I released the “State Of The Union…Union KY, That Is” which may be viewed HERE. It is now October and we have some updates to provide.

Union Promenade. The centerpiece of the Promenade development will now be the Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient facility. Children’s will be opening two buildings servicing Union area residents so they do not have to travel to Cincinnati. With professionals working during the day at Children’s and other businesses within the city, existing and future restaurants can be assured greater lunchtime crowds. Lastly, Children’s building locations will block neighboring homes from daily Promenade activity…insuring greater nearby residents’ privacy.

Graeter’s/Braxton/Dewey’s Center. The city just approved the Graeter’s portion of this center so they could obtain their Business License to start building this year. It is hoped that they can be open and operating by mid-summer 2023. The Braxton/Dewey’s portion of this project will go through the Boone County Planning Commission and follow the same process for approval.

The New Town Center. Now that the city has purchased the property between old and new Routes 42 and the Affinity Apartments and Union School Road, we have to start development planning. That process began at the last city caucus. Over the next year, the city will be working on development plans to make sure that we “get it right” for our residents. Getting-it-done-right is always preferable over getting-it-done-right-now.


“Mayor Larry” Solomon

Why I Want To Be Your Union Mayor
For One More Term.

“Union is the second largest city in Boone County! However, being the second
largest city in Boone County is not just a statistic…it is an attitude! !”

Current Projects / Issues

New Town Center

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Promenade Center

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Grammas Center

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Graeter’s/Braxton Center

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Union Point Center

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Business Licensing/Payroll Taxation

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Future Initiatives

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Boone County Planning Commission (BCPC)

Mt. Zion Road Development

Development Projects


State of Union KY June 2022


TJ Ackermann – Union Developer

Joe and Virginia Arlinghaus – Arlinghaus Builders

Roger Babik – Master Provisions CEO

Randy and Linda Barlow – Union Land Owner

Jill Bezold – Arlinghaus Builders

Jeff Bowman – Union Businessman / EDC Member

John Cole – Union Businessman; EDC Member

Jim Collett – Union Land Owner; EDC Member

Stuart Ferguson – Union Landowner

Cathy Flaig – Boone County Commissioner

Aaron Gillum – Candidate for Florence Commission.

Richard Graeter – Graeter’s Ice Cream CEO

Nick Grammas – Union Developer

Paul Grammas – Union Developer

Steve Harper – Union Businessman

Louis Kelly – Commonwealth Attorney; 54th Judicial District

Terrill Kidwell – Union Resident/Member Union Board of Adjustments

Don Kirby – Former Union Mayor 2002-2014

Jaime Lyons – Union Businesswoman; EDC Member

Ralph Meijerjohan – Union Developer

David Martin – Boone County Circuit Clerk

Gary Moore – Boone County Judge Executive

Michael Riegler – Union Builder

Sal Santoro  – State Representative

John Schickel – Kentucky State Senator

Robert Schroeder – Arlinghaus Builders

TJ Shutte – Union Realtor

Jim Schroeder– Union Resident/ Candidate for Union Mayor 2014

Angie Scroggins – Union Resident/EDC Member

Hemal Soni – Union Businessman/Developer

Bryson Warner – Bryson Warner Realty

Dr. James and Darlene Wright – Union Property Owner

Boone County Tea Party

EDC = Economic Development Committee.

Larry Solomon

Family and Qualifications


Personal Profile



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